Saturday, March 04, 2006

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Buzz game at Yahoo

Think you have the knack for technology and the future, this one's for you. Maybe its been around for sometime, but I found this very interesting game at Yahoo called the "Buzz Game" that allows you to invest in new technologies (every tech product/service represented at Stock) and play the market. Essentially your prediction for the future of tech, will convert into a higher profit on your portfolio.There is no money involved here for obvious reasons, but can get you some bragging rights for sure. Check it out at

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Where's the PSP headed?
If any one of you folks is keeping a tab on PSP updates, seems like folks at Sony have a lot more on their mind than just portable gaming. It started with crippled wifi with browser hacks, to Sony providing its own browser as standard, to now an RSS reader for audio content. Sony seems to be pushing aggressively for convergence on the PSP,and why not, its what every company producing a mobile device is headed. Nokia 770, Video iPod, Samsung PDA phones, they all signal convergence.

It would be interesting to see when the PSP is coming up with a portable keyboard, to allow servers to dock and do faster surfing.

Monday, November 28, 2005

How long will the "Do No Evil" slogan fly?

Everytime you talk about Google in the media, they insist that they are a breed apart and have values they would never budge from. I read a recent interview with Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google regarding their 70-20-10 rule of time allocation to different projects (70 % to core, 20 % to related and 10 % to totally unrelated projects). Eric also pointed out how strongly critiqued, any idea within the company is, against the benchmark of goodwill. Now, that's where I cannot digest it. Can a flourishing company in this capitalist world, really stick to that word. Couple thoughts, first the nightmares they are giving to competitors, ranging from TV service providers to broadband companies,putting their proposals and future plans at risk. Is that goodwill?

The fact that they give you relevant results and are working towards making information accessible easily to mankind does sound like a plan, but then every search engine's punchline should be the same, what's so special about Google.

I am still not clear about this and strongly feel that this is nothing but a marketing gimmick, or a punchline to stand out that is not realistic, its unique of course.

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Ces is rockin with new stuff.....

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Uncertain future of standalone portable devices

Convergence of cellphones, MP3 players, PDAs and GPS devices hints at uncertain future of each of these standalones

There isn’t a single day when the news regarding a new mobile device is profiled in the market with either enhanced digital cameras, or MP3 integration or as a matter of fact,support for 3G. Where is all this headed? One word that comes to mind is “Convergence”, yes that world has been around for a while, but seems like the concept is catching a lot of momentum now. Just some trends that I have noticed lately to make it more clear:

- Motorola announces ROKR with Apple ITunes
- Samsung announces cellphone with 4 GB hard drive and enhanced
- Camera Phones available with over 2 Megapixel resolution and enhanced “Flash” capabilities
- Next version of Moto RAZR to feature video conferencing capabilities
- Blackberry 8700 slated to have GPS integration
- Sprint announces WIndows Mobile 5.0 phone with support for CDMA

Try to connect the dots, all these devices seem to be merging into one, call it the “ubiquitous personal companion” and that is the theme that mobile hardware manufacturers are targeting. This is evident from not just the product showcases but the thrust of the Industry and the fact that deluge of mobile operatings system environments, or should I say evolution. Look at Windows Mobile 5, Symbian or Palm OS Cobalt, their evolution is providing a lot of glue for this convergence to happen.

Bottomline is that, the future of all these devices standalone is in uncertain, since the synergies of them together outweigh the merits of each of them standalone, and that is how the market is starting to accept it (consider how omnipresent Camera phones are today versus 2 years ago). The million dollar question is, who would want to carry couple pounds of disparate devices rather than have a single device that integrates all your needs into a half pound gizmo? Who won’t go for it? Think about it....