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Is the term "ABCD" for real !

I am only couple months away from my fifth year anniversary in the United States. Obviously, its time for retrospection and analysis of how much have I changed and how much have things changed for me.

A term that is notorious for describing the desi generation that was born and brought up in the US, it the term "ABCD" (American Born Confused Desi). The assumption here is that people who have spent most of their lives, especially their childhood in the US, are not sufficiently touched by Indian cultures except for the microcosm of their families and some friends.

On the other side, there are people like myself, who have been exposed to Indian culture for sufficiently long (20 + years) , to consider it a "Way of Life" and then suddenly found ourself in the land of opportunities due to our career priorities.
I remember the time I first landed in the US (Atlanta Hartsfield Airport) where the learning curve started. I very well recall the struggle with the water fountain in the airport, took me couple minutes to figure out how to press the right buttons. The water was too cold and ended up giving me a shower rather than quenching my thirst. I distinctly remember the shock of seeing the skimpiest skirt of my life, and thinking how could this be !

It was surprises all the way, and still is. Like when Dominos advertised their call in number to be 352-FRE-BEER and I insisted on getting Free Beer since they had advertised the same.

The point I am getting at, is that when I see myself next to my fellow countrymen whose birth place has been in the US, I see myself more awe struck by situations that them *always*, because those dudes has seen it from day one. Now would you call such a guy "Confused", HECK NO!

Consider the perspective, Yes , I am more accustomed to Indian Society and Cultures than they are, and know that Bollywood is bigger than "Shah Rukh Khan", but what really matters is the circumstances. I am here in the US and plan to spend the rest of my life here as well. The chances of me *ever* coming up to speed with every thing that happens here are pretty odd, and again both myself and my fellow countrymen(referenced earlier) have to survive in this society.

I am not trying to demean myself by proclaiming confusion here, but it is a fact and it is the truth. I do think that we have risen to the challenge of change and adaptation, which I am not sure a lot of people can endure, however this disconnect of cultures is something we would have to endure as long as we have given our careers a higher priority.

Think about it !

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Mix a Lil' Spice in your Life

Life and work are all about acronyms and adages, one that I have really held on to, is "BAU" -Business as Usual. Meaning the clock is ticking, the world is spinning and your life is *just* going on and " that his how things happen around here".

Thinking deep into it, there is this concept of equilibrium between you and your circumstances (family,friends, work etc), that you get so used to and overwhelmed by, that though you are comfortable with things around you, the elements of novelty and excitement are missing. "The Spice is missing" is how I would put it.

Equilibriums do not last very long, and we all know that "Change is inevitable". Change can trigger a loss of equilibrium for good or for bad, and bring in emotions of excitement or resentment, however do we wait for an external force to bring the spice in our life.

The way I see is that, the onus is on myself to bring the spice in my life, and I have to work towards it. Small things, greeting people, wishing them on their Birthdays, learning/trying something new, or just not thinking about *BAU* are certain things we can very easily do, and should focus on doing.

The same concepts apply to your job, your relationships, your health and your lifestyle

Bottomline, BAU is crap. Really life is supposed to be better than that, and we need to wake up to this fact.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

WTF is happening to headlines at indiatimes.com !!!!!!!!!!!

Folks, this is absolutely disgusting. I just checked indiatimes.com and the "TOP HEADLINES" say :
The female orgasm: fun, not necessity
Hello! How much more are they going to disgust themselves. I seemed to have lost faith in these very few sources that I really have to catch up with news in India. Who is their audience ! The Times Group is the largest media house in the country and I sometimes wonder what is making them stoop to such levels.

This is nothing new. I have noticed the same crap show up over and over again with only four themes :
- Bollywood
- Politics
- Cricket
- Sex Starvation

I hope the media has some feedback on what they are perceived outside. I'd rather have them convert to a porn site than just "beat around the bush".

Folks at "Times of India", don't you have anything else to PUBLISH!!!

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Eye opener on McDonalds Chicken Nuggets

There are very few things I anyways like at McDonalds, one of those very few were the Chicken Nuggets with "Spicy Buffalo Sauce". Last Friday was an eye opener, a well wisher of mine told me the story behing the nuggets and "recycled" meat.

I have been aware, that some forms of meat that we eat are packaged scrapes/leftovers (like salami/hot gods), but McDonalds has really taken *bastardizing* the concept of fast food to the *next level*.

If you are interested in eating white meat, which is scraped, molten and moulded into fancy shapes and sizes, then be my guest. However, piece of advice, "DON'T"

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Do you speak the language "Nitinah"

Oh my god. The world is full of surprises. I was just casually surfing this PM and realized that my most favority internet ID "nitinah" is actually a language spoken in tribal canada.

Phew!, A langauge attributed to my ID, that is freakin awesome, check this out

Haisla, Heiltsuk and Kwak'wala are spoken in Northern Vancouver
Island and the neighbouring mainland coast. Nootkan and Nitinah are spoken
on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Source : http://www.mun.ca/aboriginal/CAB.html

This just made my day !!
How much *Techie* are you?

I am person who likes new cell phone (like every day if possible), but I wish my employer understood that and gave me a pay raise just for buying new phones everyday ! On the tech spectrum, I have people who are totally disinterested in technology, to people who are willing to take a "day off" from work just so that they could get their hands on the first shipment of the product. And then their are companies who produce "tech" and try to satisfy both sides of the spectrum.

The interesting point though, is that why people think so differently when it comes to tech (just like so many other issues), are the geeks more *needy* of wifi in their phones than a middle aged man with kids and family, not so. But again, is tech about needs and satisfying them ?

Will add more to this post..Need to head out for lunch :)

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Love Drive Thru !

Late in the night......
Working on a preso....
Sick of Ramen noodles..
No groceries...

Drive Thru is my saviour.
Man *IS* a Social Animal !

Feels great ! I just talked to a great bud of mine from school, we were all real homies. but I've been a jerk about not keeping in touch, and just realized that it gave me so much happiness when I caught up with him, proves the *title* and that is the right way to go.

Screw your hassles in life, get back to buddies, family.
Shucks ! What's my PURPOSE ?

Coming back from work,I think everyday, what have i accomplished, made some more money, maybe a breakthrough, but seriously what?

Sometime the thought really bogs you down, and you feel like reading the book "Purpose Driven Life?" ,but frankly no book or website or any human being can tell you your purpose in life, it has to be discovered, and again discovered in the "circumstance" that you are in.

"Hey, why the hell can I not think like Bill Gates !", bogs me down like crazy, but he is different and has a different purpose in life, question is whether I am making an impact in the "circumstance" that I am , and taking satisfaction with it. But then, this whole "political" thing, competition, survival of the fittest. Who is measuring this impact ? my Boss? my family?

Its the same game as with the GPA, the guy with a 4.0 is a whizkid, no matter if he is a sucks in terms of *getting laid*, but society has set this benchmark, at workplace companies set these performance evaluation systems, schools set GPAs..really at the end of the day.you are moving from one "system" to another between these benchmarks. However, its a eye opener that the benchmark should not be borrowed from the system, it should be your own, if it aligns with the system..works great..but if not, tune it to the point where there is an equilibrium and you are not totally surrendering to the system.

Anyways, venting out is another great exercise, which I just did, so thanks for bearing with me :)


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Grab Technology by the Horns !

Have we thought of how much technology has impacted our lives, especially the internet. The capitalists of the world are churning new products everyday to make our lives "simpler", "efficient", but is technology really making our lives simpler !

Consider the internet, and the simplicity that it offers
- Need a PC
- Have PC..yeah..but need a faster PC
- Need a Connection
- Have a Connection ..yeah..but need a faster connection
- Need a Browser
- Have a Browser..yeah..but need a more secure browser

I never came across such a definition of simplicity before.

In terms of evolution of society, dating, socializing, everything is cyber now including cyber-sex, we are not far away from "cyber-copulation"

Just what I read the other day, about the *demise* of *brainstorming* in idea factory places like coffee shops or airports with people glued to their own cyber space.

This stuff is very thought provoking, the same trends exist in offices and workplaces as well, lesser face-to-face and more and more online collaboration/telecommute. Its funny though, that I know the guy sitting next to me in a coffee shop less intimately than another guy on a *blog* who is thousand miles away and anonymous.Really, I am not sure how much thought is being put into such social ramifications of the tech revolution. Bottomline , we have to draw a line somewhere, as to how much we want *tech* to drive our habits, everything cannot be changed with the excuse of *convenience*.

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