Monday, November 28, 2005

How long will the "Do No Evil" slogan fly?

Everytime you talk about Google in the media, they insist that they are a breed apart and have values they would never budge from. I read a recent interview with Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google regarding their 70-20-10 rule of time allocation to different projects (70 % to core, 20 % to related and 10 % to totally unrelated projects). Eric also pointed out how strongly critiqued, any idea within the company is, against the benchmark of goodwill. Now, that's where I cannot digest it. Can a flourishing company in this capitalist world, really stick to that word. Couple thoughts, first the nightmares they are giving to competitors, ranging from TV service providers to broadband companies,putting their proposals and future plans at risk. Is that goodwill?

The fact that they give you relevant results and are working towards making information accessible easily to mankind does sound like a plan, but then every search engine's punchline should be the same, what's so special about Google.

I am still not clear about this and strongly feel that this is nothing but a marketing gimmick, or a punchline to stand out that is not realistic, its unique of course.