Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Art of Napkin Marketing

Sitting in that American Airlines flight from Dallas to Detroit and 35000 ft. up in the air, I could definitely see the future of advertising and marketing. I guess a picture is a thousand words, so here is what I mean

Imagine the influence, the cost ,the simplicity and the power of the medium. We’ve come so far from the days of Billboards and newspaper ads to the generation of Internet advertising and omnipresent marketing. What has been the evolution, customization for one, but also novelty and new areas of gathering a larger attention span of a prospective customer?

Another thing that has always fascinated me in the “Sports Page” on top of the Urinal in a lot of public places. Come on guys, lets be honest, I’ve never focused my attention on an ad so much ever in the past than I did when I first saw this concept, in my initial few days in this country.

Bottom-line is, how far are corporations willing to go, to attract this attention span. I am sure we would be constantly amused by this in the future :)