Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Shucks ! What's my PURPOSE ?

Coming back from work,I think everyday, what have i accomplished, made some more money, maybe a breakthrough, but seriously what?

Sometime the thought really bogs you down, and you feel like reading the book "Purpose Driven Life?" ,but frankly no book or website or any human being can tell you your purpose in life, it has to be discovered, and again discovered in the "circumstance" that you are in.

"Hey, why the hell can I not think like Bill Gates !", bogs me down like crazy, but he is different and has a different purpose in life, question is whether I am making an impact in the "circumstance" that I am , and taking satisfaction with it. But then, this whole "political" thing, competition, survival of the fittest. Who is measuring this impact ? my Boss? my family?

Its the same game as with the GPA, the guy with a 4.0 is a whizkid, no matter if he is a sucks in terms of *getting laid*, but society has set this benchmark, at workplace companies set these performance evaluation systems, schools set GPAs..really at the end of the are moving from one "system" to another between these benchmarks. However, its a eye opener that the benchmark should not be borrowed from the system, it should be your own, if it aligns with the great..but if not, tune it to the point where there is an equilibrium and you are not totally surrendering to the system.

Anyways, venting out is another great exercise, which I just did, so thanks for bearing with me :)

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