Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Grab Technology by the Horns !

Have we thought of how much technology has impacted our lives, especially the internet. The capitalists of the world are churning new products everyday to make our lives "simpler", "efficient", but is technology really making our lives simpler !

Consider the internet, and the simplicity that it offers
- Need a PC
- Have PC..yeah..but need a faster PC
- Need a Connection
- Have a Connection ..yeah..but need a faster connection
- Need a Browser
- Have a Browser..yeah..but need a more secure browser

I never came across such a definition of simplicity before.

In terms of evolution of society, dating, socializing, everything is cyber now including cyber-sex, we are not far away from "cyber-copulation"

Just what I read the other day, about the *demise* of *brainstorming* in idea factory places like coffee shops or airports with people glued to their own cyber space.

This stuff is very thought provoking, the same trends exist in offices and workplaces as well, lesser face-to-face and more and more online collaboration/telecommute. Its funny though, that I know the guy sitting next to me in a coffee shop less intimately than another guy on a *blog* who is thousand miles away and anonymous.Really, I am not sure how much thought is being put into such social ramifications of the tech revolution. Bottomline , we have to draw a line somewhere, as to how much we want *tech* to drive our habits, everything cannot be changed with the excuse of *convenience*.

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