Saturday, June 18, 2005

Mix a Lil' Spice in your Life

Life and work are all about acronyms and adages, one that I have really held on to, is "BAU" -Business as Usual. Meaning the clock is ticking, the world is spinning and your life is *just* going on and " that his how things happen around here".

Thinking deep into it, there is this concept of equilibrium between you and your circumstances (family,friends, work etc), that you get so used to and overwhelmed by, that though you are comfortable with things around you, the elements of novelty and excitement are missing. "The Spice is missing" is how I would put it.

Equilibriums do not last very long, and we all know that "Change is inevitable". Change can trigger a loss of equilibrium for good or for bad, and bring in emotions of excitement or resentment, however do we wait for an external force to bring the spice in our life.

The way I see is that, the onus is on myself to bring the spice in my life, and I have to work towards it. Small things, greeting people, wishing them on their Birthdays, learning/trying something new, or just not thinking about *BAU* are certain things we can very easily do, and should focus on doing.

The same concepts apply to your job, your relationships, your health and your lifestyle

Bottomline, BAU is crap. Really life is supposed to be better than that, and we need to wake up to this fact.

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