Tuesday, June 14, 2005

WTF is happening to headlines at indiatimes.com !!!!!!!!!!!

Folks, this is absolutely disgusting. I just checked indiatimes.com and the "TOP HEADLINES" say :
The female orgasm: fun, not necessity
Hello! How much more are they going to disgust themselves. I seemed to have lost faith in these very few sources that I really have to catch up with news in India. Who is their audience ! The Times Group is the largest media house in the country and I sometimes wonder what is making them stoop to such levels.

This is nothing new. I have noticed the same crap show up over and over again with only four themes :
- Bollywood
- Politics
- Cricket
- Sex Starvation

I hope the media has some feedback on what they are perceived outside. I'd rather have them convert to a porn site than just "beat around the bush".

Folks at "Times of India", don't you have anything else to PUBLISH!!!

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