Wednesday, July 13, 2005

My struggle between Spice and Salad

If any of you share the same city of origin that i do (delhi), you would understand how pampered we are with paranthas and slurpy ghee on top as breakfast. The concept of spending time cooking and eating and then "b-rping" explicitly, Eating seemed like a stand alone activity and the concept of to-go seemed preposterous. I remember bickering about the "taste" in food and how critical it was to get food down my throat into my stomach.

Took me a while to start adapting (still adapting !) to the different concept of food here in the US where taste is secondary and occasional.

What matters is healthy and quick. The concept of *to-go* .box lunches and people sipping on soda during conference calls is so entirely different. Yes it does sound convenient in the land of opportunity, where people are driven by fast paced lives, but a "Salad" for lunch, seems like I am eating for name sake. It seems like my brain sent me a signal "Dude, its time for lunch, go Grab something", and then I realize, shucks I'd have to eat again, let me do a Salad.

I do understand that some food choices should be health driven, but food is like Gas in your car, if you put premium, the car will do better. And the fact that my concept of good gas is tasty food makes it so hard to afford good gas in terms of convenience (money is not the concern).

That's what ticks my thought every time I step out for lunch. Really, its the "Quest" for taste in the land of opportunity.

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